Our Technology

Our technology enables secure, high quality 1-2-1 and 1-2-many interactions anytime, anywhere across the globe.

Every business regardless of size or industry needs frictionless access to video and audio conferencing capabilities. From using Babl to conduct an interview to delivering a virtual event or even collaborating with other professionals to solve problems – we’ll help you meet your way.
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Put your mind at ease knowing that your business communications are in secure hands with globally accredited security credentials. We are your go-to provider for secure, compliant video, audio, and web conferencing. We pride ourselves on servicing major governmental, financial, and legal institutions for whom security and compliance is paramount

Reliability and Resilience

Our technology is designed to continue working in the face of most failure modes including natural disasters and system failures. We offer a global service based on our network architecture, multiple data centres and automatic failover in event of any disruption.

API Integration

Share valuable data, streamline processes and add functionality using our API. Designed for scalability and resilience; because we own our technology, we can provide greater flexibility when it comes to adding new functions and integrations that enhance your existing in-house processes.

White-labelled platform

Looking to create a completely customised experience for you or a client, access our platform with yours or your client’s branding throughout the experience, from portal access to the email invitation.


The days of out-the-box, one-size-fits-all solutions are gone. We aim to deliver personal and private conferencing experiences. We can create multiple instances of our platform for each client with their branding, custom features and smart integrations.

Recordings and Transcriptions

Save crucial time with instantaneous audio recordings and AI-powered transcriptions at a click of a button with secure storage, download and replay. Use our smart tools to search for specific phrases and keywords, pinpointing the exact time that these were mentioned and replay the audio using the audio player.