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Presenting BablHealth, the reliable cloud-conferencing solution used by hospitals and healthcare organisations globally to virtually connect with patients, extending the reach of high-quality care and facilitating effective medical professional collaboration.
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Improving access to specialist care has become an important objective for healthcare providers today. Especially with patients who are unable to travel, or who are located remotely from hospitals, surgeries and practices that need to receive medical attention.

With BablHealth, doctors, physicians, and pharmacists alike can extend the reach of their services with audio or video-based consultations. Empowering them to easily connect with nurses, support staff and collaborate with other medical professionals across the world.

Remote Patient Consultations

Extend access to patient care and deliver medical attention as effectively as you would in-person to remote patients with HD video. Virtually examine and diagnose in real-time and accelerate access to treatment.

Ensure Seamless Access to Care

Patients can connect with a physician, doctor, or specialist through the web using any device or through a dial-out ability to their phones, achieved with nothing to download or install.

Protect Patient Confidentiality

Be confident that the personal and sensitive information discussed is protected behind encryption and locked call features.

Collaborate Globally

Continued medical advancement relies on experts collaborating globally. Use screensharing to administer research findings, discuss a diagnosis, or work on papers with other medical professionals around the world.

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“We were unable to meet for our AGM and when we tried a different provider some of us had very poor reception. Having to find an alternative was difficult until Babl stepped in for us. We have been able to have a few Trustee meetings, plus meet with some of our contractors at our AGM which was a must. What stood out was the help they gave me as a pure novice. The friendliness and helpfulness of the Babl team exceeded my expectations.”

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