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Presenting BablEducate, the purpose-built cloud conferencing solution for schools, universities, colleges and institutions that want a safe and secure virtual teaching environment to facilitate highly interactive online learning for students.
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Educators across the board are facing the challenge of improving the delivery of schooling and higher education as we move into the digital age.

Teachers now recognise the value of providing access to learning from the comfort of student’s homes. With high-quality conference calls, online meetings and screen sharing, we empower educators of all types to teach virtually.

You can accurately track attendance in real-time, manage questions with smart virtual hand-raising and participant chat functions and much more.

Track and Manage Attendance

Have full visibility of all students as they join classes, lessons, seminars in real-time. Verify attendees by playing their name recording. Always know who has and who hasn’t attended.

Easily Address Questions

Students can virtually raise their hands to ask a question or type their question into the chat feature allowing teachers to address them one at a time

Store and Send Session Recordings

Securely store audio recordings of each teaching session and make available to recap or for absentees to catch up.

Administrate with Confidence

An administrator view of all usage across school, university enables you to monitor teaching quality and to always know what’s happening.

Teach Face-to-Face and use Visual Aids

With high-resolution video and crystal clear audio quality you can have meaningful interactions between teachers and students. Teachers retain control over screen sharing to provide visual aids that increase engagement.

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“Babl allowed us to provide instructor-led sessions, with the presenter only locked control. We used the ability to record, supply sessions for missed attendees and use these to moderate the quality of our remote teaching.”

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