Bringing global professionals together to empower all the ways you communicate.

The Babl Story

Since starting out as Speakserve in 2002, we have provided our clients with a secure, reliable and scalable platform to enable them to connect, collaborate and communicate.

In 2020 we became Babl to recognise how much the business has evolved and the start of our global expansion.

We continue our commitment to customer and product excellence through:

  • A world-class customer response team
  • Multilayered security
  • Fully customisable to suit your business requirements
  • Cloud-based so your attendees join the meeting in the browser – no apps or .exe to download

There’s so much more to Babl. Take a look around – we know we have a solution for you!

  1. 2002
    Where it all began - Speakserve
    was formed as one of the world’s
    first cloud telephony systems -
    The Speakserve Cloud.
  2. 2004
    Launched our first event call
    service with a moderator to
    over 20 participants.
  3. 2007
    Following years of innovation and
    development, we release our first
    custom solution for a global giant
    who still uses our tools today.
  4. 2012
    New leader joins from New
    Voice Media - Jonathan Grant.
  5. 2014
    Innovation continues - Speakserve release
    new transcription and keyword analysis
    tool, allowing customers to search
    keywords and playback recordings.
  6. 2018
    New solution delivered through AI
    technology, allowing intelligent
    based decisions throughout our
    new platform.
  7. 2020
    Speakserve becomes Babl - With the launch of
    crystal clear video-based conferencing and
    WebRTC, Babl continues to innovate and grow
    with the expansion of New York and Australia
    offices headed up by Adriaan Klaassen as COO,
    and Toby Raper as CEO of APAC.