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We empower businesses across the globe with video-first cloud-based conferencing solutions that can be customised to meet your specific and unique requirements.
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Babl Technology

At Babl, we design, develop and deploy our own proprietary technology. Being entirely cloud-based means we can be more flexible and agile with the conferencing platform we’ve built than any other provider.

We deliver our client video-first conferencing solutions that fit the unique ways that they work. Every business, office or department can have its own private instance deployed in the cloud with custom features and smart integrations to support secure, one-to-one and one-to-many interactions anytime, anywhere to allow you to meet your way.

Highly Secure

Intuitively Simple

Unparalleled Reliability

HD-Quality Video

Native to AWS


Open API Integration

Unlimited Scalability

Global Access

24/7 Support


White-label Platform

World-class Resilience

Babl Solutions

Our innovative solutions have been built by working in partnership with clients to better understand their problems, challenges, goals and technological aspirations. We pair this insight with the capabilities of our technology to develop products for different industries and use cases that you can trust.

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What People are Saying

We use Babl across all of our UK offices – Birmingham, Guildford, Leeds, Leicester, London, Manchester, Nottingham and Reading. Babl worked with us to create a very specific, tailored training plan ensuring each office was familiarised with the service and every user could get up and running making calls immediately which was a really great touch. Their smart tools make generating legal transcripts very easy.

Kervin Poonasamy, Gateley PLC

We are a company in the commercial real estate industry who use conference calls quite regularly. We’ve found the service easy to use, the support brilliant and there have been considerable cost savings over our previous provider. We are planning to use Babl and do not have plans to look elsewhere at this time.

Carol Williams, Stiles Harold Williams LLP

We recently started using Babl as an alternate supplier and was delighted with the excellent level of service that was provided, particularly given it was at the height of the Covid-19 rush. The event went perfectly and the team made sure that they were able to accommodate some of our more difficult requirements. They are now our preferred supplier for conference calls and web events.

Lulu Bridges, Tavistock Communications

Our sister company recommended Babl for hosting group-wide calls as we hadn’t done anything like it previously. Babl responded to our requests for a COVID-19 firm-wide call very quickly and eased immediate concerns about connectivity issues experienced by participants joining from the Channel Islands in the past. The call was a massive success and moderated by the event’s team just how we wanted – thanks Babl.

Tej Makani, Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management

Babl is very much our preferred conference platform. With its hands-on customer service and dynamic development team, Babl is able to cater to our business needs. They have one of the best user interfaces among the market and it’s very simple to use. Their interactive dashboard and intuitive design allows for the fastest adoption amongst our colleagues and provides the user experience.

Paul Driscoll, Head of Business Systems

The team at Babl were there to support us throughout our journey in taking our AGM online. It was a seamless move into a virtual environment thanks to Babl, and everyone fully enjoyed the opportunity to engage with fellow members prior to and after the formalities.

Evan Kittelty, Brunswick Hockey Club President

While our members enjoy the convenience of online events, they have missed the opportunity to network. Babl provides the missing piece – enabling us to offer convenience AND networking.

Alison Airey, CEO Australia China Business Council NSW Branch

I’m still amazed that you were so easily contacted. Communication is the key in business, and you have mastered that, so thank you for being available all the time.

Paul Davey, National Marketing Manager at CSS

Many thanks for making our event go so smoothly, Using Babl was a great improvement on our previous provider. We look forward to continuing using Hugh and Babl moving forward.

Global Business Advisory Firm

Babl handled all of the technical aspects in what is a new and exciting but daunting realm of running our events online. The experience ran super smoothly which gave us the ability to focus on the content of the meeting.

Liam O’Brien: Treasurer Fairpark FC

Implementing Babl allowed us to gain better control for all our fee earners at local levels, something we could not achieve with our previous provider

Secretary: Eversheds Sutherland
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